A Munich Legends restoration:
1990 BMW Alpina E30 C2 2.5 Convertible

The red E30 C2 originally came to Munich Legends as a pretty well lost cause. The owner had only on-street parking and the MOT had expired – but he had neither the funds nor the inclination to start to bring the car up to condition.

There was, though, something unmistakably cool about this little 325i Alpina conversion, and so it was decided to take the project on, in house.
First of all, the car was packed off to the bodyshop, where it was decided that a bear metal respray would be done, but without dismantling the car at all – no main panels to be removed. Any filler was removed and re-metalled, and the car was lovingly panel beaten, prepped, blocked and primed ready for its new coat of paint. It was decided to repaint the car in the same type of paint as would have been done when new – oil based paint with no laquer, giving it a true, rich, 1990s look.

All the scraper mouldings and plastic trims were replaced, along with all badges. The headlights were replaced (and new Hi-D internals installed) along with the rear light clusters and side repeaters, new kidney grilles and surrounds too.

The old suspension was removed and replaced with new progressive rate springs and Bilstien dampers. The engine bay was stripped and all the ancillaries either replaced or reconditioned. The rocker cover and plenum chamber were repainted, and all wiring looms either replaced or restored. New brakes were fitted and the entire cooling system was replaced.

The interior was completely reupholstered, with custom made door cards and stereo speaker builds, all trimmed in matching leather. The old over rugs were replaced (with OEM BMW mats) after the carpets had been carefully removed and professionally cleaned. The entire roof mechanism was replaced and a brand new mohair hood fitted to replace the old moth-eaten original.

Finally the final touches – a stereo system with enough punch to be enjoyed at motorway speeds, with the roof down – in true 90s style. To make the Alpina C2 just that little more comfy, original BMW OEM air con was retro-fitted, along with heated seats and a US-imported centre arm rest.

We think it’s one of the coolest looking E30 cabriolets out there.

BMW Alpina E30 C2 2.5 Convertible restored