A Munich Legends restoration:
1972 BMW E9 Special - #1 of 1 CS Legend Edition

Mark has always been a fan of the styling of BMW’s classic E9 coupe, and in late 2019 he contacted Munich Legends to suggest a very exciting challenge. Could we take a 3.0L CSA Automatic – his wife is also a classic enthusiast but only holds an automatic license – and transform it into a more modern take on the classic original? We said yes, of course.

The first task was to find a suitable donor car, and through our contacts we found a near-finished but incomplete restoration project, the original restorer having unfortunately folded before completion. The next decision was to decide on the right generation of engine. Mark wanted a more lively, modern feel to his car, and wanted to get away from the slightly pedestrian, rather unreliable carburettor M30 variant that was in the car. Various options were discussed, from the multi-valve 3.5l M88 (from the M1 and first M5s and M6s) to S54 (from the last of the straight six M3s) before it was decided to go for the last of the M30B35 3.5 Motronic 1.3 injected 6 cylinder found in the last of the 635csi coupes. Being a (much) later version of the original carburettor motor, it was felt that there was a comforting connection linking the two engines, plenty of choice and availability, as well as certain practical considerations. It was decided to go the full monty, and transplant the later 4HP22 gearbox and running gear from a 635csi, as the original 1970s auto ‘boxes were considered unsuitable for the later generation M30. As far as we’re aware this was a first. So, the hunt was on for a suitable donor E24, one with a good engine and gearbox but perhaps a rotten shell – making for a more cost-effective proposition.

Having found the right car, work began in earnest. The shell was stripped and prepped, the engine and gearbox rebuilt and the interior planning began. The original transmission tunnel was not able to take the later gearbox and drive train, so the interior shell needed totally modifying, the engine bay custom converted to take the considerably different shaped engine, meanwhile the whole underside was stripped and all brake and fuel lines replaced, all suspension restored and powder coated to match the refurbished driveshaft, diff, fuel tank….

Mark wanted this E9 Legend to look like no other car. His choice for paint was a superb pearlescent Bentley Extreme Silver II, which has given the car an ethereal, shimmering quality. The interior is custom made contrasting blue leather, fully extended around the dash and centre console – with even the seat belts custom made to Mark’s personal design.

The choice of wheels was another considered choice – big enough to take the uprated brakes, without being ‘over-wheeled’ or too modern for a seventies classic. We think the final choice works splendidly, and matches the overall modern take on those timeless classic lines.

The modern Bluetooth custom designed stereo system, alongside other essential tweaks to the original CS formula – headlights, horn, heater/AC, central locking and so on – make the CS Legend much easier to live with day-to-day, and all go toward making this car a genuine #1 of 1!

BMW E9 3.0 CS 3.5 Munich Legends #1 of 1 Edition

The restoration process: