A Munich Legends restoration:
BMW E9 3.0 CSA engine upgrade

HANK was once a very sad 3.0 CSA. The owner was a successful photographer who travelled around the world for a living, and never quite got time to carry out the restoration he dreamed about. So, he decided to bite the bullet and find the next owner – someone who could give HANK the life it deserves. He asked the sales team at Munich Legends to help and a Dubai-based buyer was found.

Our new owner had a different take on HANK’s potential. His first priority was the engine. Why stick to a relatively pedestrian carburettor 3.0 litre M30 when there are fuel injected 3.5L versions available? Well, quite.

A donor 635csi M30 was duly found, and underwent a complete, full engine rebuild, with the rocker cover, block and plenum all receiving an external make-over to match the internals. Once installed in the engine bay, and after a fair amount of testing and fettling – the throttle positioning and response proving especially troublesome – HANK now runs like a Swiss watch, with engine bay looks to match.

So, HANK now has the power it deserves and our new owner is ready to embark on a full restoration program. We are particularly excited about this one, because the owner is not afraid to depart from the conventional. Watch this space, we’ll keep updating here to document the project!

BMW E9 3.0 CSA engine upgrade Munich Legends