A Munich Legends restoration:
1973 BMW E9 3.0 CSi

Our client purchased a 3.0csi from auction and sent it for a post purchase inspection. Having dreamed for many years of owning an E9, the acquisition was the fulfilment of a long-held ambition. Unfortunately, our inspection revealed some serious structural issues, particularly with the roof – which can be fairly frail at the best of times in these hand-built 1970s coupes. Further investigation revealed that the roof was not the original, but had been grafted on from a sunroof car and badly welded, then painted over. This was not the only issue.

But having already made a significant financial commitment with his purchase, and our subsequent investigations – and not being a faint-hearted sort of person – he decided to turn crisis to opportunity. The E9 needed major surgery – a new compete roof – and therefore would be partially stripped. Why not strip the whole car and restore it? And why not put a personal twist, custom interior, special paint, more modern wheels?

So, after careful consideration it was decided to fit a custom interior and look for a paint colour that would really suit the lines of the E9 coupe, while remaining in period. In fact, the ultimate colour was chosen from an E3 3.3Li (1976) that happened to be in the showroom – and what a perfect choice that turned out to be. The car was duly media blasted and painted, with a full underside restoration, engine rebuild and interior refit, it can be said to be a very thorough restoration, right down to the boot trims and headlining.

Our client now has his perfect 3.0L coupe, and every part of this amazing car has his personal stamp on it. What could have been a disaster has ultimately turned into a dream come true.

BMW E9 3.0 CSi restoration Munich Legends